Dungeons & Dragons Page Layout Homage

I recently started DMing (that’s Dungeon Mastering or running a Dungeons & Dragons game for all you non-RPGers out there). After each campaign, I intend to summarize the session events in a campaign journal as well as doing a spot illustration for the journal entry. See attached. I have designed it to resemble the old Frank Mentzer BECMI era Dungeons & Dragons modules and rule books. Campaign Journal_1b-1

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New Vinyl Figure In The Works

Meet Cronus Magnus™! The follow up to Vulkira™, my first vinyl toy. Cronus Magnus was sculpted by Shinbone Creative. Look for an Indiegogo funding campaign coming soon! Stay up date by liking my Vulkira Facebook page, here. And be sure to follow me on Instagram @fullblownink. If funded, there will be 2 color ways available, painted glow in the dark vinyl, and Great Mazinga color way.
Cronus GID-indiegogo

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Resin Casted Vulkira Key Chains

I recently took up resin casting and have produced some fun Vulkira key chains. Get them in my web store!

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Hi. Thanks for checking out my site. I only update this site once or twice a year. You will find more recent works and updates here:

Instagram: @Fullblownink


Be on the look out for more vinyl toys, resin toys, Vulkira merch. And, a Vulkira comic book is in the works. Be sure to follow me at the links above to stay in the loop!


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New Vulkira Color Way

The first up of additional color ways is the “Berserker”. This edition will be very limited to only 10. You can pre-order now by visiting www.fullblownink.bigcartel.com. Release date is tentatively late Summer or Fall 2015

Be on the look out for blank Vulkiras for you DIYers out there, and watch for more color ways in the future! You can keep up to date by following the Vulkira Facebook page, HERE.

Promo Card

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Vulkira at FOE Gallery

I did this one off custom with metallic paints by Monstor Kolor for a gallery show coming in April at FOE Gallery in North Hampton, MA. 

Black Ice color way

Black Ice color way

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Vulkira LIVES!

At long last, my first vinyl toy has been produced! Made of vinyl, Vulkira stands 8.5″ high, has 5 points of articulation, has interchangeable weapons and fists. The Shogun Warriors color way is limited to 150 pieces. The black vinyl (“None More Black” edition) and clear vinyl (“Stealth Mode” edition) are very limited to 10 and 5 respectively. The “Battle Damage” version was made specifically to order for Kickstarter pledgers. Future limited edition color ways are to be determined and released. Head on over to my web store to purchase! Stock is very limited, so don’t wait!

Team Vulkira


10013321_10206217541383327_7196948447157954524_n 10923496_10206217585864439_4226897473303660894_n-1

10373634_10206217608785012_3056685252007921823_n-1Kickstarter Exclusive

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Vulkira Limited Edition Dissection Poster

Artist friend, Jeff Lamm (of Greasebat) and I collaborated on this Super Robot Disssection Poster. Limited to 50 prints, it measures 12 x 18″ on 80lb. cover stock. You can purchase the poster in my web store here.
Vulkira Dissection

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Latest Gocco Screen Print


Available to purchase HERE for $8. 4.5 x 6.5″, 1 color, signed and numbered edition of 53. USA Shipping only.

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The past 8 months have been pretty busy. My toy robot is in it’s final stages of production at Unbox Industries. Here are a few pics, which include test pull pics, sketch art, misprinted header cards, and blueprints. If you would like to follow this project more closely, you can by following my Vulkira page on Facebook. Click HERE to go there.

10847855_332061076979784_5033302985493088631_n  1455923_10205637967694347_1328673477444223168_nScreen shot 2014-12-12 at 9.35.45 PM 10339949_335652399953985_6932006008516131347_n

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