This is the portfolio and blog site for Eric Smith, illustrator, graphic designer, painter, toy designer, resin caster. To view samples of my work, please follow the links at the top just under the header graphic! Thanks for looking.


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Dungeons & Dragons Dorkiness

I recently started DMing (that’s Dungeon Mastering or running a Dungeons & Dragons game for all you non-RPGers out there). After each campaign, I intend to summarize the session events in a campaign journal as well as doing a spot illustration for the journal entry. See attached. I have designed it to resemble the old Frank Mentzer era Dungeons & Dragons modules and rule books. Campaign Journal_1b-1

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More animated ad goodness for my Cronus Magnus Kickstarter


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A Fancy Animated Banner

If you’d like to use this on your blog, feel free! 


Links to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/983682549/enter-cronus-magnus


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Cronus Magnus Now Live



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Cronus Magnus Kickstarter Launches TOMORROW

Set to launch June 8! 

Kickstarter Promo

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Cronus Magnus RELAUNCHES on Kickstarter Soon

I suspended my Indiegogo campaign recently due to some confusion over their rules. I will be relaunching soon on Kickstarter


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New Vinyl Figure In The Works

Meet Cronus Magnus™! The follow up to Vulkira™, my first vinyl toy. Cronus Magnus was sculpted by Shinbone Creative. Look for an Indiegogo funding campaign coming soon! Stay up date by liking my Vulkira Facebook page, here. And be sure to follow me on Instagram @fullblownink. If funded, there will be 2 color ways available, painted glow in the dark vinyl, and Great Mazinga color way.
Cronus GID-indiegogo

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Resin Casted Vulkira Key Chains

I recently took up resin casting and have produced some fun Vulkira key chains. Get them in my web store!

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Hi. Thanks for checking out my site. I only update this site once or twice a year. You will find more recent works and updates here:


Instagram: @Fullblownink


Be on the look out for more vinyl toys, resin toys, Vulkira merch. And, a Vulkira comic book is in the works. Be sure to follow me at the links above to stay in the loop!


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