This is the portfolio and blog site for Eric Smith (that’s me), illustrator, graphic designer, painter, toy designer, and resin caster. To view samples of my work, please follow the links at the top just under the header graphic! Thanks for looking.


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NEW Moreduke™ Comic Strip

I have recently launched a self-published, weekly strip satirizing one of Dungeons & Dragons most beloved evil fighters, Warduke. Tune in to social media every Moreduke Monday for the latest installment (Instagram: @moreduke and on Facebook). I will also be posting here on fullblownink.com. Below are the first 6 strips, the last being the most current. Head over to the Moreduke page of this site for the most current strip. Moreduke™ is trademarked, copywritten and owned by Eric Smith and may not be used or reproduced without permission. If you would like to review or feature this comic strip, contact me at erics@fullblownink.com.

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Warduke Fusion

I based this illo off of a Conan the Barbarian cover by the late John Buscema. Done with Procreate.

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Ace Roku™ Kinkeshi Figure Now Available!

Get the Vulkira™ pilot, Ace Roku™ in all of his kinkeshi glory over at my web store, HERE! Very limited quantities!

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Latest Vulkira™ illustration

I have always found vintage manga to be very inspiring, so I did this mostly as an exercise in technique, as it is inspired by a Giant Robo illustration from Mitsuteru Yokoyama. This was done with Procreate on an iPad.

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Morduke aka MoreDuke

There is a “thing” called #Wardukewednesday on social media where people post pics of a fantasy character named Warduke. I created my own satirical version called “MoreDuke”, and most recently, “Morduke” and post on Mondays, or #Mordukemonday. A resin figure is in the works, and I hope to compile my Morduke art into a small ‘zine to accompany the release of the figure…stay tuned and follow the hashtag(s) on social media. Image may not be reused/used without permission.


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Vulkira done with Procreate

Trying out some new brushes and textures for Procreate.

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More Warduke for Inktober

Done in Procreate for iPad Pro

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Inktober Day 4

I wasn’t happy with day 3, so I will not be posting it here (you can see it on my IG account @fullblownink), so here is day 4…Jun from Gatchaman

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Inktober Day 2

Dark Night of the Scarecrow 

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Inktober 1/31

Every year I want to commit to do a drawing a day for the full month of October, but my schedule hasn’t permitted it so far. I will try again this year. So, here is yesterday’s drawing for Inktober — none other than Warduke. Done with Procreate.

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